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Seattle has an affordable housing crisis! Many neighborhoods are too expensive and over the past decade, rents and home sale prices have skyrocketed in Delridge too.

Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association's properties are managed by Quantum Property Management. There is no waiting list for our affordable housing. If you are interested in living in one of our properties, please contact the resident manager below to find out about availability, rental rates and qualifications.


Centerwood & Delridge Heights
Resident Manager: Robin Groves
Office Phone: (206) 708-7950
Office Fax: (206) 716-1301
E-Mail: rbngroves40@gmail.com
Office Hours: 4pm to 9pm

Cooper Artist Housing
Resident Manager: KC Correll
Office Phone: (206) 935-4802
E-Mail: artisthousing@dnda.org

Croft Place Townhomes
Resident Manager: Chrystal Harris
Office Phone: (206) 767-0935
Office Fax: (206) 767-0936
E-Mail: croftplace@live.com
Office Hours: 10am to 3pm

Holden Manor
Resident Manager: LaDene Johnson
Office Phone: (206) 402-4408
Office Fax: (206) 402-4409
Office Hours: 12pm to 3pm

One Community Commons
Resident Manager: Tim Shetter
Office Phone: (206) 932-2407
Office Fax (206) 932-2431
E-Mail: dnda@live.com
Office Hours: to be determined

Vivian McLean Place Apartments
Resident Manager: Tina Manning
Office Phone:(206) 588-1396
Office Fax: (206) 588-1578
E-Mail: vivianmclean@live.com
Office Hours: 9am to 1pm

See below for the map of DNDA's Housing for Rent